Iron Dog Gym - EBMAS Central, Sacramento, CA

Our Philosophy

Iron Dog Gym teaches both the Wing Tzun and Latosa Escrima Weapons Systems. The school is operated by a First Level Technician in WT who has the 10th Student Grade in Latosa Weapons System (LWS). He is a Licensed instructor for EBMAS and has been licensed since 1998.

This is an Emin Boztepe Martial Art System (EBMAS) school. We have seminars from Si-fu Emin Boztepe, Rene Latosa, Sifu Micheal Casey, and others for new material and for testing. We then work together to practice this material on our own.

The training we do is from a Traditional approach. He have 2 basic forms in WT for beginners, which are a solo practice to get the mechanics, then we have arranged partner sets to learn the way the techniques from the forms should fit together. Finally, we have Applications where the movement is attempted in a more realistic way, with various levels of resistance and aliveness. Free sparring is rarely done at full contact power, but it is done in various degrees of power, contact, aliveness, and resistance, once the student has some control over the techniques in the regular drills. We have zero tolerance for injury in this Martial Art but we also need to be realistic in the restance we offer our training partners so they develope usable skills.

As a traditional System, the goal is to take the movements from solo forms through partner drills into freestyle applications. Sparring then is a test to see if the partner sets are working and not the primary method of training. The students must learn the partner sets and then the instructor must make sure the sets are randomized so as to have no set patterns.

An Iron Dog is a state of mind. Everywhere we go, we are training and developing ourselves, so in this way the gym is not limited to just one building or a location, Iron Dog Gym is everywhere we go.

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